Sunday, February 3, 2008

Giants rock your face with plans to continue face rocking

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day last year, the Giants picked Jerry Reese to be their General Manager, becoming only the third black GM in NFL history. One year later, on that same holiday, the Giants were Super Bowl bound. You know what that means? If you don't like the Giants, you're a racist.

I guess Reese is just another affirmative action hire, taking away jobs from more qualified white people. Right, socially conservative America? Anyway, Ernie Arcosi obviously gets a ton of credit for building this team, but Reese made a few moves to solidify this team, and while they started out awful, the G-Men played well when it mattered and have earned a spot in the big show. I have killed Eli Manning all season, but the guy has shown that when he plays within his limitations, he can lead his team to victory. He's not a flashy superstar like his brother Peyton, but he has the ability to do good things. Don't overextend him, and it looks like he can pay off.

I want New York to beat New England in the Super Bowl, but as I said earlier, to me the Championship games are the real meat of the NFL postseason. The Super Bowl is such a carnival that it's hard to take seriously. How long is halftime going to be this year? An hour? Does anyone focus on the game when everyone is more concerned about commercials and which shitty pop artist is going to perform? (EDIT: I will say that I recognize this Super Bowl will be legendary for the simple fact that either the Patriots become the winningest undefeated team in NFL history or the Giants perform one of the greatest upsets of all time).

Back on track, I'm not going to pick a winner for the Super Bowl, although clearly the Patriots are favored. As I said last time about the Green Bay game, don't count the Giants out. They have the ability and the talent to win. "It is a mistake, I believe, not to give New York any chance."

Here's how I did in the last round:

My Guess: Patriots 35, Chargers 24, +11
Actual: Patriots 21, Chargers 12, +9
My Guess: Packers 28, Giants 24, +4
Actual: Giants 23, Packers 20, -3

I should have gone with my gut and picked the Giants. I still did pretty good. I made seven correct guesses out of ten. Next year, I'll see if I can guess the winner and if they can beat the spread, too. If I remember, that is.

Go Giants!

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