Sunday, February 10, 2008

One week later

Friends and the spattering of any other regular readers might remember that I said the NFC and AFC Championship games were the meat of the NFL playoffs, and that the Super Bowl was a circus. I still believe this to be true, to an extent, but what I didn't account for was my own personal involvement with the Super Bowl when I actually had a team I was invested in playing.

Despite suffering from the worst illness I've had in years since Saturday the 2nd, I have been on a high all week (from the victory in the Super Bowl, not from any medication, of which I've had little). It was a great game, and the Giants victory march from the start of the postseason was so unlikely. Plus, it's hard to remember the last time a team I love was considered such an underdog during the whole postseason. It's like trying to remember the last time America was considered the underdog in a war between rival countries. You have to go back to at least the 19th Century (for America, not New York sports teams, although its close). To win on the road against Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay, and then to beat the undefeated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in such dramatic fashion, is really astounding, impressive, and glorious. People that don't enjoy sports won't get it, which is fine, but if you are a fanatic, these are the types of seasons you live for.

I'm not ashamed to admit I've helped the sagging economy this week. You're not a fan unless you have a Super Bowl XLII toenail clipper, or something of the sort. But rather than go on about me, let's digress slightly. I love to look at outsider's views of phenomena, so I thought it would be fun to read the comments of London's The Guardian newspaper readers. Their comments sum up much of the Super Bowl's actual football (ignoring the commercials, halftime show, and other nonsense).
Most people find defence in any sport boring but there's a skill to it and the true aficionados find that exciting. It's why people moan that Italian football is boring while Italy are winning World Cups and England struggle to qualify for major tournaments. The Giants' defensive play was exquisite, helped in no small part by the vaunted Patriots' offensive line having a miserable game. - Flynnie, London, UK

Perhaps not the greatest superbowl overall (you would ideally want a few more great offensive plays) but it was right up there with the very best in terms of drama, and I can't think of a more exciting final quarter - fallentower, Budapest, Hungary

Not only was this arguably the best superbowl ever, it was one of the greatest sporting finals I've ever witnessed. If this has been a movie, it would have been labeled as cheesy and totally unrealistic. - gabsbrazil, Toronto, Canada

[The] Patriots weren't so much inept as out-defended, which is always impressive to see when so many of the NFL rules have been adapted to enable the kind of free-scoring offence that the Patriots have typified this year. - ruzz, Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

Last night was thoroughly engrossing as a game. The last quarter unfurled like nothing the FA Cup has offered since perhaps Owen's late brace against Arsenal half a decade ago (penalty shoot-outs after a bore-draw excluded) - Kev79, Manchester, UK

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