Friday, February 22, 2008

Teacher, mother, secret lover

Angry winter conditions mean work was closed today, so I found myself eating leftover pizza at 8 a.m., wondering how to spend my day off. I watched the latest episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was alright. I keep watching it because I have an interest in the franchise, but I'm sure that will diminish the same way it did with Highlander and a whole slew of other properties that were driven into the ground. The two most interesting aspects of the show are Richard T. Jones' FBI character James Ellison's investigation of Sarah Connor & company, which does not get nearly enough airtime and script treatment, and Summer Glau as "Cameron" the itty bitty titty Terminator. Glau is fairly attractive, all things considered. Can she act? I guess so. I mean, if you only knew her from this show, it'd be hard to tell. She's playing a robot, after all. Here's proof. Hot, creepy, arousing, disturbing proof.

I also got around to watching the TV pilot of the new Knight Rider series. The revamped theme song is kind of a metaphor for the whole movie in general. The first familiar notes make you go "yeah, I can get into this," and then it starts doing its own thing and it's not interesting, and you kind of want to see the old show again. Or hear the old theme. Whatever. At various points, the show and advertisements blurred, with the new KITT blabbing about GPS and satellite navigation, followed by commercials starring KITT and the new Michael (Traceur, played by Justin Bruening) talking about Ford. Speaking of KITT, no offense to Val Kilmer, but I would have rathered they hired back Mr. Feeny, I mean William Daniels, to reprise his role as the voice of KITT. They were actually considering Will Arnett to play the voice, so I guess Kilmer is a better bet. I mean, shit, it could have been Chris Tucker or Roseanne Barr. The best part of the show, besides trying to ignore that Bruce Davison looked like Nick Nolte post-mugshot, was the beautiful Deanna Russo playing Davison's daughter. She is a knockout, even with that distracting mole on her neck. I've been waiting a long time since the days of Winona Ryder and Alyssa Milano, and while I thought Scarlett Johansson was gonna be my girl, Miss "I'm Blonde Now" just never captured my imagination the way the other two did. Yes, I love brunettes, and Russo is stellar. She can sort of act, too, which is nice.

Finally, I want to talk briefly about a show I can wholeheartedly endorse. Breaking Bad is a fabulous mix of drama and I almost want to say dark comedy, but I don't want to describe it the wrong way. Yes, it can be funny, almost always at inappropriate or uncomfortable times for the characters, but it doesn't set out to be a kneeslapper. It's just a well-written program, with a script that fleshes out even the minor characters and lets subplots develop. The cast is solid. Just to describe the show, it's about a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston) who learns he has terminal cancer, and gets involved in making crystal meth with a former student-turned-druggie (Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul). This leads to a series of successes and failures that ultimately get Cranston deeper into trouble. I can't tout it enough, or maybe I can but simply wish to stop typing. It's on Sundays at 9 or 10 (or both) on AMC.

Update: For those who like hidden meanings, Teacher = Breaking Bad, Mother = Terminator, Secret Lover = Knight Rider.

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