Friday, March 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton sends me delusional emails

The latest:
Dear Christopher,

Have you noticed the pattern?

Every time our campaign demonstrates its strength and resilience, people start to suggest we should end our pursuit of the Democratic nomination.

Those anxious to force us to the sidelines aren't doing it because they think we're going to lose the upcoming primaries. The fact is, they're reading the same polls we are, and they know we are in a position to win.

In three days, we're facing a critical March filing deadline -- another chance to show the strength of our campaign. Let's take these three days to make something absolutely clear: we aren't going to simply step aside. You and I are going to keep fighting for what we believe in, and together, we're going to win.
As I understand it - and I have done little research on this issue, mind you - Obama already has the votes he needs for the party nomination. All of the extra primaries are just fluff. Clinton could get 100% of the delegates from the remaining states and still not have enough to earn the nomination. That's what I have heard, anyway, and, if true, that is the main reason she needs to step aside.

Furthermore, if she really has no shot at winning, then continuing to solicit money is both dishonest and criminal. I know she thinks delegates will switch to her if they see her strength, but the fact is, they won't. Neither candidate is going to get more than 60% of Democratic support, but I suspect that Obama's movement, along with his lack of baggage compared to Clinton's run as first lady and hated villain of the GOP, will help him maintain the delegates he's already earned.

This primary has shown to the country and the world, once again, that America's election process is one of the worst on the planet compared to other democracies. Delegates, elections that take months instead of a single day, a domineering and dominant two party system, no nudity; it's disgraceful.

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