Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bombs of the home run and nuclear variety

Usually, watching Pirates vs Marlins when you're not a fan of either team is what can roughly be described as "a bad idea." However, while switching between that and Mariners-Orioles (not exactly an upgrade), I was rewarded with a fantastic(ly hilarious) home run call by FSN Pittsburgh's Lanny Frattare. In honor of such a magnificent call, I made a YTMND page.

In other news, I thought this CNN headline was funny: Bush, Putin disagree on missile defense. Really? I can't recall the U.S. and Russia ever disagreeing on missile defense.

It's actually interesting what news agencies chose to title this story, which boils down to the U.S. and Russia being far apart on America's missile defense program, which (if functional) would basically shoot rusty Soviet nukes out of the sky and into Canada whenever Russia (or China or North Korea) attack us. The International Herald Tribune and the L.A. Times both wrote in their headlines that Bush and Putin "Agree to Disagree," which is a nicer and technically accurate way of describing the talks. Reuters was less coy, bluntly saying "Bush, Putin disagree on missile defense," but the AFP ran with the somewhat (very) misleading "Bush, Putin bury hatchet over anti-missile defence." The New York Times led with "Bush and Putin Remain Apart on U.S. Missile Defense Plan," while the New Zealand Herald went with the lighter "Bush and Putin show strong bond despite rows." You'd think New Zealand would care a little more, but I find that those in the Southern Hemisphere are just waiting for us Northerners to annihilate ourselves. Interestingly, the AP manages to do one better than the Herald, coming from out of left field with "Bush, Putin exchange light-hearted quips." They're just a couple of crazy guys!

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