Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No time to make time for time

It isn't always easy to find time to write about nonsense for no one. For example, I have everything I need to say about my baseball predictions, and yet I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't finish writing about them until sometime in May. I kind of feel like writing about Hillary Clinton's campaign actually asking me for my feedback, and if I would waste my time doing so, and I kind of feel like writing about how I wish Obama would push back against his attackers, but is it really worth my time? Even if I had a whole lot of time, would I ever figure out the maximum range traffic history of Nintendorks? During the peak years of my time with the site (before the 15 month "crash"), we were either getting 2.5 million or 40,000 daily page views, depending on how I adjust that graph (ah, fuck it). If you have the time, will you tell me which photograph you prefer?


Chuckling said...

The top one, definitely. Very nice photo, though you may want to consider cropping it something like this.

If you're interested, here are three simple rules of composition that can help you immensely.

WindFish said...

The top one. It reminds me of the works of John Register.

ChrisV82 said...

chuckling - Thanks for the tip. I went over that site, and I think I have the general idea, although I'm not sure how this will affect my amateur pornography (when I finally get it off the ground).

Justin - Interesting. I see where you're coming from.