Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On my blade, you dance into eternity

Part of my job is to keep you people up to date on what's hip on the Internet. It's roughly 0.09% of my job, so I do it rarely. However, Muxtape has been brought to my attention twice in one week, once via message board and once via email from one man barbershop quartet Nathan Smart, so I figure I better pass it along to you before it's too late. Although the aesthetic appeal of the site went out of style around 1995, the functionality of it is timeless. I made a mix for you to listen to, a collection of out of print, rare, and independent metal songs from the 80s, 90s and 00s. It's only 52 minutes and 52 seconds long, so that leaves you over seven minutes to stop for a bathroom break and snack before the next hour begins.

And you best count your hours while you have them, for I will soon begin my annual baseball predictions week. I already determined outcomes a few days ago, but I've just been somewhat lazy in getting around to posting them. I just want you to be aware, gentle reader, that Detroit's pitiful start and Pedro's ruptured muscle tendon were not factors in my predictions. The results of the first few games of the season will not sway me. Like the machine that turned a young boy into Tom Hanks in Big (1988), I take my sorcery very seriously.

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