Friday, May 30, 2008

Chicago go go

Via Stats dot com:
May 29 The Associated Press reports Chicago Cubs chairman Crane Kenney said the team did not tell security personnel in the left field bleachers to crack down on fans that might boo or harass struggling OF Alfonso Soriano. One season ticket holder told the Chicago Tribune that crowd control personnel told fans Monday, May 26, they were instructed by supervisors to use a no-tolerance policy for anyone cursing at Soriano, or harassing him.
Two thoughts on that.

1) Stadiums tend to have a low tolerance for people who curse or cause mayhem. Maybe not in football (NFL or FIFA), but in Major League Baseball parks, they do. I've seen people thrown out for yelling at each other.

2) A "struggling" Alfonso Soriano?

His 2007 statistics: .299/.337/.560 with 33 HR and 70 RBI
Roughly 1/3 of 2008: .283/.329/.547 with 11 HR and 29 RBI

He's on pace to finish with his same numbers last year. The big deal is?...

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