Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama child rape case

Candidate for URL of the year:

The actual link leads to an article about Obama saying why he supports the death penalty in only "very narrow circumstances," and then lists his approximantely 250 circumstances (give or take) where the state should be allowed to kill its own citizens, even though numerous people have been wrongly convicted, not to mention executed despite being innocent.

None of this matters to Obama, of course, because while the right wing media will paint him as the most evil liberal ever, Obama will continue the long tradition of Democratic presidential candidates wallowing squarely in the realm of appeasement and moderate politics. Obama's positions on gay marriage, abortion, and the dealth penalty, not to mention his inadequate ideas for health care and his willingness to cave to Republican opposition on topics like the so-called Reverant Wright scandal, among other issues, shed light on the fact that Obama's appeal as a candidate is that he's not as bad as John McCain, but for true progressives in this country, he's another disappointment from the spineless Democratic Party.

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