Friday, July 18, 2008

Amazon's mistakes and meat through the mail

Editor's note: this post was originally written on March 7th, 2008, but never published. To meet the contractual obligations of this blog, the author has agreed to allow the content to be published for the first time ever.

Via email:
Dear Customer,

As someone who has purchased or rated books by Jon Stewart, you might like to know that Kierkegaard and His German Contemporaries: Literature and Aesthetics (Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources) is now available. You can order yours for just $114.95 by following the link below.
Not quite, Amazon.

I've also been getting discount grocery offers from them, such as $15 off $39 worth of crackers or $15 off $39 on select meat snacks. What would I do with $78 (retail) worth of crackers and meat? This is not good meat we're talking about. We're talking about a combination of Slim Jim and Beggin Strips.

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