Friday, July 18, 2008

When is it okay to call someone a sambo?

In case you live in Belgium and are more concerned about your collapsing government than stupid American news items, the Reverand Jesse Jackson may or may not have called Barack Obama a nigger. This has led to all kinds of questions, including when is it okay to use the word nigger, who is allowed to use the word nigger, and did you just drop my golf clubs, nigger?!

I have provided a handy list of when it is appropriate to say nigger, followed by a list of people who are allowed to say nigger. Nigger nigger.

When is it okay?

- When talking with your friends
- When talking to black people
- When mispronouncing the country of Niger
- When someone cuts you off
- When describing to police who stole your bike
- When telling a real estate agent who you don't want to live next to besides Asians
- When you suspect the valet took your Mercedes for a joy ride
- When explaining why you want to vote for McCain
- When you are too stupid to know what niggardly means
- When you are making gay porn
- When politely expressing disagreement
- Whenever else you want

Who can say the word?

- Everyone except Elizabeth Hasselback


Gorilla Bananas said...

Didn't Spike Lee castigate Tarantino for letting his characters speak the word?

ChrisV82 said...

He apparently went to Jackie Brown's distributor and producer to complain.

I don't use the word in ordinary conversation and I appreciate Spike Lee's problem with it, but when we're talking about art - even movies - then there are no limits, in my mind.