Sunday, August 3, 2008

I punched a girl (love note to Katy Perry)

I did not know about your music
Not my preference
I became irritated when I heard it
What a nuisance
It's not what I want to hear
It's idiotic
The longer you play it, I hate it
Gonna hit this chick

I punched a girl and I liked it
The warmth of her blood on my fist
I punched a girl 'cause her songs suck
Next thrust is heading for her stomach
It felt so good
Just like it should
Doesn't mean I won't also kick her
I punched a girl and I liked it
I liked it

No, I don't care about your record
I don't give a shit
You're just annoying me now
I wanna punch your tit
You're just another fad for teens
Something for Rolling Stone
Just another meaningless song
Time to break your bones


I'm not a misogynist
You could have a penis
Violence would be your reward
Gonna drop you to the floor
Then I'm heading for the door



psychodevil said...

This is better than all the shit I have written

ChrisV82 said...

Well, like Bob Dylan and John Lennon, I find that my best work is about punching women.