Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A man-child of a country

Gary D. Robertson, AP:
John Edwards lost a prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. He likely blew a chance at a possible Cabinet post in a Barack Obama administration. And he may very well have lost any hope of being the voice for America's poor and forgotten.

Edwards' infidelity to his cancer-stricken wife and the lies leading up to his confession have sent him into the political wilderness, delaying, if not destroying, any chance of regaining a place on the political stage.

"No one in the Democratic Party would want to be publicly associated with him," said Merle Black, a political science professor at Emory University in Atlanta. "Edwards is really damaged goods at this point."
* * *
It already appears to be silencing his own voice in the Democratic Party and has drained good will and trust among some activists, many of whom gave their heart and soul to him and his cause.

Many people are disappointed in Edwards. I'm not. He's not my husband and he didn't owe me anything except what he's delivered - being an advocate for issues I believe in. He was the far better candidate than Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, so naturally he received less votes than either of them in the primary. He's talking about issues that the American people should be listening to, but because he stuck his dick in some woman he's not contractually obligated to, he and everything he stands for is being swept under the rug.

The media tries to set the agenda rather than report on it. Is Edwards really out of favor with the American public, or are the people in power trying to make it that way? Keep in mind, I know Edwards is part of the elite. All politicians are. However, he's more dangerous than most for the simple fact that he is more progressive than the establishment. Silence him and you help stunt the growth of progress.

If, by some chance, Americans are turned off to Edwards because he had an affair, then it is further proof that the United States is populated by simpletons and nitwits. If you disagree with Edwards based on his policy preferences, then sir, we disagree, but I can respect that. Disliking Edwards because he has nice hair or he was an attorney or he cheated on his wife? That's stupid, and so are you.

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