Sunday, August 10, 2008

Metal Masters thoughts and critiques

It turns out I don't have much to add beyond what I already wrote. Sometimes, succinct is best.

The show I caught was the first leg of the tour, and there were a few kinks here and there (Iommi's guitars seemed very low on Heaven & Hell's opening The Mob Rules, but the issue was fixed), but overall, I am still buzzing over what an amazing show it was. It was cool to see Motorhead and Lemmy, although to be honest I was even more interested to see Mikkey Dee, who has not only been Motorhead's drummer for over fifteen years, but also lent his skills to Helloween and King Diamond. Motorhead's Sacrifice album has a special place in my heart, so to see the same line-up was pretty cool.

Heaven and Hell was absolutely incredible last year, and they were still tops this year. I would gladly see them again. There is really nothing in the Dio/Sabbath catalog that I wouldn't want to hear. There were some new tunes added and some subtracted. There were some songs I was disappointed not to hear (many people are bitching that they didn't play Neon Knights), but the show was outstanding. As I mentioned previously, they were so excellent, I really thought they were going to upstage Judas Priest.

That Priest came out and blew the doors off of the venue after the doors had already been cracked and blistered was just about all anyone could ask for. This was my third time seeing Priest, and it may well have been my favorite. It was really an audio massacre. Heads were banging, fists were flying, feet were stomping, guitars were crunching, drums were crashing, voices were shouting, it was intense. JP has gone the way of Maiden and have been flooding the market with live CDs and DVDs, but if there's one show they need to release in some format, it's some night from this tour. There are not enough pleasant adjectives that can fulfill my need to express how happy the performance made me.

The Metal Masters tour may have been the most enjoyable concert I've ever been to.

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