Thursday, August 28, 2008

Run from your brain

As Rock Band connects today's youth with music they were previously unaware of, I am beginning to hear a very stupid comment in connection with an Iron Maiden song called Run to the Hills. I've heard this same comment twice in the presence of many other people, and it was not contradicted by anyone. The comment goes something like this (dramatized for the children):

Joe (Average): That Iron Maiden song is really stupid.
Me: Oh? Why?
Joe: Because of the lyrics.
Me: What about them?
Joe: They're a white band singing about the plight of the native americans.

This baffles my neural processor. Even ignoring that this song has been around for longer than 25 years and it didn't seem to bother people before, I don't know why this is an issue. Are today's music fans that bankrupt with their imagination? Was the Lord of the Rings triology stupid because Tolkien wasn't a hobbit? Was Raiders of the Lost Ark less enjoyable because Spielberg wasn't an archeologist? Was Secret Agent Man not as cool because Sloan and Barri weren't spies? Is The Persistence of Memory less evocative because Dali never melted clocks?

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