Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The definitive shitty hairstyle of the naughts

You know how people will try to pass off a terrible clothing choice or hairstyle from their past by blaming the decade? "Oh, it was the 80s, everyone wore that" or "that was the style in the 70s." You know what? Bad taste is bad taste, no matter what is currently popular. I have worn and continue to wear odd clothing (except at work, where my style is top notch), but it was always done because I was weird and poor. I never spent good money to look like a disaster. There is no excuse for this hairstyle:

None. It looks like Cameron Diaz's cum hairdo in There's Something About Mary. The image comes from the Celebrity Blackberry Sightings, which is a moronic concept in its own right.

While we are speaking (loosely) of modern times, I'm still a bit torn about who to vote for this election. The Canadians are already sending their country to hell by voting for the Conservatives again, and I'd hate for America to follow suit. Plus, it would be pretty cool to vote for the first president who has a skin pigmentation marginally darker than mine. On the other hand, Obama doesn't speak to me nearly as well as Nader does. New Jersey is going to go for Obama anyway, so my vote probably won't make a difference one way or another. I could actually look myself in the mirror with pride if I voted for Nader. When Obama starts spilling blood in Pakistan and falls back on his promises of health care, et al, who's fault is it but mine if I voted for him? It's 2008, how can I vote for a presidential candidate that still doesn't support gay marriage? How could I live with myself?

But seriously, that haircut is all kinds fucked up.


WindFish said...

Hair poof or hair spoof?

ChrisV82 said...

Too bad the image links in that thread have mostly died.

Like I hope this hairstyle does (dies).