Friday, October 3, 2008

Dodgers and Phillies make me look like an ass

But they're not the only ones! Anyway, here is a list of my picks that I made for the division seriesesessesswszszd in this year's MLB playoffs. Note that I am so far very wrong in my analysiseisesiesszx:
oston over Anaheim in 5 - Sox have put up overall better numbers all season - HR, OBP, WHIP, etc. I think the Angels can make a good run at it, but I am not a believer.

Tampa Bay over Chicago in 4 - Both teams can slug for power, but Chicago was dead last in MLB in OBP, which means that Tampa is going to get more runs for their buck. I think the Rays outshine the Sox on pitching, too. Hyuk.

Milwaukee over Philadelphia in 4 - Philadelphia can outslug the Brew crew, but the Phillies' pitching just doesn't match up. Even ignoring Sabbathia, I don't think the Phils can get the hits they need in a five game series against the Brewers.

Chicago over L.A. in 5 - I guess it's good that these two dumpy teams face off against each other, because they would have been swept otherwise. Neither one can hit for shit, but they make up for it with fairly decent pitching. I give the edge to the Cubs, though, 'cause I'm sure Torre will screw something up. Also, I give the edge to Chicago in the power department.

Evaluations so bad, I should be on ESPN.

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