Friday, October 24, 2008

From the blackened heart of a dying hate, a lawsuit

I was reading through issue number seven of Broke in Korea, a 'zine about underground music and the streets of Asia. Just to avoid any questions, today was the first time I've ever come across the zine. However, I found a pretty interesting article about a lawsuit by the band Metallica. Written by James Elford in 2003 (unless it was supposed to say 2008 like the rest of the zine), the article reads,
Blair [Piggot] is talking about his band’s recent induction into the steadily growing legion of people who have been threatened with court action by the ever-litigious California-based Metallica. The problem? They are upset with the Edmonton-based band’s choice of name: Metallica.

In a letter from the Los Angeles law firm of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, the original band is demanding that their local counterparts cease using the name (as well as anything “confusingly similar”) amongst other conditions, and has given them until Friday to agree. “Your use of METALLICA is particularly astonishing to the band, given that you have admitted in at least one interview that `you know that you are not allowed to use the name’,” stated the cease-and-desist notice.

While the lawyers claim the original Metallica wants this to end amicably, Piggott does express some concern with the letter. “What if we want to change the name to something like Metardica,” asks Blair. “Is that OK?”
I particularly enjoyed Piggot's reaction to the letter from Metallica's attorneys.
When their transgression was finally discovered, Blair was more excited than disappointed. “I sent their lawyer a letter saying, we’re totally stoked that you found out about us. We’d be really happy if you guys would review our mp3s and send back some comments. I really like the song `Harvester of Sorrow’.”
That's awesome.

I am surprised but pleased to see old fashioned zines are still thriving, or at least being produced. In the age of blogs, email and all that, the photocopied, messy, independently produced zine of yesteryear seems to be antiquated. Yet, here it is.

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Jon said...

Hey, I'm the guy who publishes the zine. Just wanted to explain a bit more about why it was published.

It was not in error the date was listed as 2003. Here's the original article:

I printed it as a tribute to the lead singer because he died in a very strange freak accident. He jumped over the line at a gun range and was shot to death.

Thanks for writing about the zine. You can download all eight issues on my website.