Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey fellows, it's Fallows

This would be considered a "meta-post" if there was any discernable line between what passes as "content" and my aimless personal ramblings. I'm adding a few new sites to my link bar, so should you be looking to kill time until work is finished, I have some recommendations.

I've been reading James Fallows over at The Atlantic in an attempt to read some Conservative writers to get a feel from the right (and he isn't actually conservative, so I failed). I like him, partly because he seems well-reasoned and can write well, and also because he isn't blatantly racist or insane.

Moving on to funny business, Tom the Dancing Bug, Big Fat Whale and Idiot Box all make me laugh, chuckle, or whatever else Family Cirus and B.C. have failed to do.

As an aside, if you haven't seen Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, do so right here and right now:

He joins Christopher Buckley and Christopher Hitchens as some of the more interesting endorsements I've read/seen for Obama, but I don't think you get better than Powell. I love the part about the Arabs. That's refreshing to hear from a Republican.

UPDATE: I can't tell you how hard it was to not write "Penis" after "Big Fat Whale."


Neil said...

nothin special about a black guy endorsing a black guy amirite

Seriously though, not knowing much about Hitchens other than him being an atheist, why is it surprising that he endorsed Obama? Just what he said (too lazy to read it)? The fact that he made an endorsement at all? The fact that a foreigner might know something other than how to steal our jobs?

Powell may have lost some credibility with his part in selling the Iraq war, but it's still a very serious endorsement and his reasons and his explanation are pretty great.

ChrisV82 said...

Hitchens is a big pro-war/anti-terrorism person, having "been changed" by 9/11 (never forget). Although he wrote a much linked-to experience of having himself waterboarded, I didn't think he changed positions that much, and thus I would not have expected him to endorse Obama over McCain.

Neil said...

Oh, apparently he's quite the "conservative". Supposedly he calls himself a "democratic socialist" but basically supports a lot of the crazy neocon stuff. I guess I just assumed he would be totally against anything the Republicans would do because he is an atheist (or whatever made up term he may or may not use). I guess that showed me!

ChrisV82 said...

You can either look at him as the stereotypical atheist with no morals (and thus willing to kill everyone) or a man with a complex set of values.

He's British, so that might put him somewhere in the middle.