Thursday, October 16, 2008

Waffles, we love you!

Just the other day (last entry) I posted about how I was going to vote for Nader. Well, after the combined performances of McCain and Obama, I may decide to vote for Obama after all. McCain is a dangerous lunatic (and I think he was wearing lipstick and eyeshadow), while Obama was his smoothest yet, actually making me curious about his policy objectives. Not that Obama needs my help to win.

This small clip pretty much encompasses the last debate:

McCain spoke in anecdotes and broad characterizations, leaning heavily on the now infamous Joe the Plumber. In my opinion, McCain could not articulate any detail to his policy standings, or when he tried, he stumbled all over himself. Obama, meanwhile, laid out the numbers and his plans with fluidity and precision. His attempts to refute McCain were with specifics, while McCain's attempts to refute Obama were with repeating the same things that Obama had just deflected. It bsically went like this -

McCain: Obama is overweight.
Obama: If you look at my statistics, you will see I only weigh 180 pounds, which is a fine weight to be at for my height."
McCain: My friends, he's fat.

Conservative-leaning James Fallows has an interesting recap of the debate. As for myself, I firmly believe McCain is a hazardous politician, while Obama's commitment to health care, education, and social services may be good enough to placate me for the time being.

So yeah, I may be waffling quite a bit during the next three weeks. I will try to spare you most of the drama.

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