Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I misheard it through the grape vine

Walking to lunch today, some co-workers and I ran into another of our co-worker's mothers. I should have phrased that "the mother of one of our co-workers, seeing as how she only has one mother. It's too much effort to retype the sentence, though, so I'll just type two more sentences explaining this instead.

Anyway, we ran into her mother. I had heard that the place she was working at was pretty tense leading up to the election, as the owner was a big McCain supporter. The closer November 4th came, the more outrageous he became, dropping "nigger" into every other sentence, berating his employees and arguing with customers. So when we saw her, I asked, "Has Obama-mania swept into your office yet?" She replied, "Oh, it's terrible. It's absolutely terrible."

As that exchange happened, a guy walked by, and I felt an overwhelming urge to clarify what was going on. Taken out of context:

"Has Obama-mania swept into your office yet?"
"Oh, it's terrible. It's absolutely terrible."

Not so good. We sounded like a bunch of racists in slacks, heels and/or ties. While I would never hire an Irishman to work for me, I'm certainly not racist against blacks. Or at least Obama. I would also be friends with Denzel Washington and that black chick that was on Doctor Who. I'm practically Malcolm X.

Here are some other strange things overheard on the public streets:


Gorilla Bananas said...

You know about Dr Who? Patrick Troughton was the priest who got impaled in The Omen.

ChrisV82 said...

That's when he's standing outside the church, right? I want to make sure I'm not confusing the scene with Hot Fuzz.

We don't get old episodes of Doctor Who anymore. They used to show them on PBS. Now BBC America shows the new Doctor Who, but it's all Cat People and Victorian Cybermen these days.

Anonymous said...
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