Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Balkans are more exciting than I would have suspected

Not work, school, or church safe:


Anonymous said...
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Jai said...

Running commentary:

- If a genie turned me into a woman, I feel certain that I'd stand out in the open just staring at the sky and feeling my bared tits up.

- I already stand out in a muddy field in the rain to jerk off. Now that I've seen another man do it, though, I think I might turn gay if I ever repeated the experience again.

- There was no spit-take when the man drank the dead fish vagina coffee? There should have been a spit-take.

- There's something silly about a row of women who all have their shirts open but their heads covered those old-fashioned things. Maybe it's cold. ...And now we've reached the Stretch Armstrong boobs. ...Aw, what a sad ending to THAT shot. ...Whoops, I forgot to read the subtitles for the song. It didn't sound sexy.

- Now I can't do THAT anymore, either! I've raped Mother Earth for the last time. :(

- OH MY GOD HOW DO YOU GET FIFTEEN DUDES TO ALL DO THAT ON FILM WHAT THE HELL IS THIS - THIS IS ALMOST CERTAINLY GAY. Something is wrong with Balkan women if Balkan men have to make up dumb excuses to go fuck the patch of lawn outside they

- And yet the obscene naked actions of the Balkan women don't affect the Balkan men at all. I'm going to guess that overpopulation is not a problem in the Balkans.

- Nice vagina "stink lines" coming off of the child.

- Balkan beekeepers are fucking crazy as shit.

- This is sort of like recess at a "special" school. Or a porno "school".

- Growing up in the Balkans sucks. Maybe those cabbages would be better protected by the men not fucking the dirt.

- So the water isn't safe, either. I'm not surprised, at this point - but those dudes must have some horrible-looking boners from fucking wood bridges and rocks and Balkan women and stuff.

- I don't know if that is worse than the planet-fucking or not. At least they're just standing there. I can pretend it's artsy, like a naked Harry Potter brushing a horse.

- That's pretty fucking metal. I can respect that.

ChrisV82 said...

There should be a Rifftrax for this movie.