Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not a surprise

Onasis, one of the area's best restaurants for Greek cousine and freshly prepared seafood, has forever closed its doors. It never had a chance, really, unable to compete with the massive outdoor mall project right across the street. There used to be a horse racing track there, but it was torn down to be replaced by a complex of chain restaurants, department stores, condiminiums and apartments meant to appeal to the middle and upper middle class residents.

It's sad that this area cannot maintain a healthy selection of independent and quality restaurants. Philadelphia proper has many of these types of eateries, but that's because it's so large. Even in the city, you'll find TGI Fridays and Pizza Huts. Yet, there is a selection of superb food to be found there. Many people in the outlying areas are hesitant to drive into the city due to outrageous parking costs and tolls, and so the outlying counties should be able to capitalize on this. They don't. What can be said for a populace that has allowed the Olive Garden to represent authentic Italian cuisine? The American palate is dying.


Anonymous said...
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Jai said...

And food poisoning, and ugly girls taking baths in restaurant sinks.

I would go to a real deli (I.e., not one in a grocery store) or restaurant every day if I knew it would mean the end of McDonald's or Olive Garden. Unfortunately, I already never go to McDonald's or Olive Garden (Or KFC or JitB or Subway), so I'm not sure what more I could do to help those places disappear.

Taco Bell has got me by the balls, though. I wish I had an independent/quality alternative that would help me ditch them.

ChrisV82 said...

SC: Don't forget high blood pressure.

Jai: Don't you have any Chipotle style burrito places near you? Granted, it's not any more authentic Mexican than Taco Bell, but it's a step up in quality.

Jai said...

There are a few in "the area", but they're not nearby. Pretty disappointing, because I have gone there occasionally and wish it wouldn't be a hassle to go there more often. My job doesn't take me out in the right directions (Towards a Chipotle), either. :(