Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An ode to Noel

An original composition inspired by the holiday spirit. Cheers.

The season's quite oppressive,
The days become depressive,
It's Christmas time again.

Thoughtless consumerism mixed -
With an economy far from fixed,
Stockings empty in the den.

Hollow sentimentality,
Empty wishes of mirth and glee,
Put on a false facade.

People starving in the cold,
Commercials asking for your gold,
Do you believe in God?

Hoodlums ransacking mangers,
Spouses that act like strangers,
It feels a bit frosty.

Santa Claus is the first lie,
Not the last before we die,
Let's decorate the tree!

Family members that irritate,
Or loneliness that won't abate,
Gonna need the corkscrew.

A gift with no thought put in,
Better than being forgotten,
Either way, the joke's on you.

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