Friday, October 24, 2008

From the blackened heart of a dying hate, a lawsuit

I was reading through issue number seven of Broke in Korea, a 'zine about underground music and the streets of Asia. Just to avoid any questions, today was the first time I've ever come across the zine. However, I found a pretty interesting article about a lawsuit by the band Metallica. Written by James Elford in 2003 (unless it was supposed to say 2008 like the rest of the zine), the article reads,
Blair [Piggot] is talking about his band’s recent induction into the steadily growing legion of people who have been threatened with court action by the ever-litigious California-based Metallica. The problem? They are upset with the Edmonton-based band’s choice of name: Metallica.

In a letter from the Los Angeles law firm of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, the original band is demanding that their local counterparts cease using the name (as well as anything “confusingly similar”) amongst other conditions, and has given them until Friday to agree. “Your use of METALLICA is particularly astonishing to the band, given that you have admitted in at least one interview that `you know that you are not allowed to use the name’,” stated the cease-and-desist notice.

While the lawyers claim the original Metallica wants this to end amicably, Piggott does express some concern with the letter. “What if we want to change the name to something like Metardica,” asks Blair. “Is that OK?”
I particularly enjoyed Piggot's reaction to the letter from Metallica's attorneys.
When their transgression was finally discovered, Blair was more excited than disappointed. “I sent their lawyer a letter saying, we’re totally stoked that you found out about us. We’d be really happy if you guys would review our mp3s and send back some comments. I really like the song `Harvester of Sorrow’.”
That's awesome.

I am surprised but pleased to see old fashioned zines are still thriving, or at least being produced. In the age of blogs, email and all that, the photocopied, messy, independently produced zine of yesteryear seems to be antiquated. Yet, here it is.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boob talks about boobs

Listening to this gal talk about her breasts made me dumber than I already am, but at the same time she was talking about her breasts, so it was worthwhile.

Not safe for church:

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Via Justin but not via his site (he's too busy posting pictures of men soaking each other in sticky fluids).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old new world versus new new world

One of America's oldest cities (and therefore one of the youngest globally) is Philadelphia, and their baseball team is the Phillies. They will be in the city of Tampa tonight, one of many tourist trap towns in Florida. They will be playing that city's team, the Rays (formerly Devil Rays). Tonight is Game One of the World Series, which is not as popular as the Super Bowl but is still the highlight of America's traditional favorite passtime.

I have been 100% wrong on all of my NL picks this year, so it's probably not even worth it to try and make a prediction on the World Series. I will say that I think Tampa Bay has a deeper line-up, but Philly has a more potent middle. I prefer Tampa's rotation, with guys like Kazmir, Shields and Garza, but they're not perfect. The Phillies have the advantage with Lidge as closer, but Lidge walks too many people, and at some point that's going to hurt him. The Rays are actually very clever using Price in high leverage situations (basically anytime Utley/Howard/Burrell are at bat in the 7th, 8th or 9th), but they're not going to use him on back to back days.

As an aside, John Kruk was talking about how using Price against the best in the late innings is a good move. Hello? People have been arguing for years for managers to do that with their closers, who are often their best relievers. Sometimes games are lost in the 7th inning, and what's the point of a three run save?

Anyway, just glancing at the postseason stats so far, it looks like Tampa's pitching has given up more walks and hits per inning pitched, and while their offense has launched quite a few over the wall, Philly has been getting on base at a very good rate.

It should turn out to be a very good series.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Live blogging to looking for porn

(All times evening, EST)

8:56 - Time to take a break from my historical fiction novel about the Boston Molassess Flood of 1919 to look for adult entertainment, or barring that, pornography.

9:01 - Google Image Search for "Sarah Michelle Gellar with stuff shoved up her butt" turned up pictures of her elbows...elbows not shoved up her butt.

9:05 - Hmm, a porn directory. My gateway to nubile young girls.

9:06 - Thank you pop up blocker.

9:10 - Hirsuite? Color me intrigued.

9:13 - This is interesting.

9:14 - No. Too much hair. Too

9:17 - This redheaded Asians site is one of those examples of taking two things and mixing them together for terrible results, like pineapple pizza.

9:20 - I'm passing on the pissing.

9:23 - An anus should not be that far open. Not without something holding it open, like a forearm.

9:24 - Interesting tattoo; placing it on the stomach ensures it will never be regretted later in life.

9:30 - The tit to cock ratio should never exceed 2:1 in favor of breasts.

9:32 - Maybe I should try some video and leave the pictures to the "artists."

9:45 - All porn cameramen are gay. That's the only explanation for the extreme close-ups of balls and hairy ass. That or mis-en-scene.

9:49 - Back to pictures. Nice blonde.

9:51 - Nicer brunette.

9:53 - THi s is good.

9:54 - riae

9L55 - djsjjjjjj

9:56 - Oh God...what have I done?

9:59 - Well, it looks like Starbucks is closing for the night. See you later.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Twenty-Five years ago

As an adult, lyrics to songs basically fall into the "cool," "funny" or "shitty" categories, with the occassional "meh." When you're in high school, however, lyrics have tremendous importance and consequence. Music speaks to the young folks. Girls had songs about romance, I had Twisted Sister.

In the year of our Lord Nineteen Eighty-Three, Twisted Sister released their second full length album, You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll. One of the fan favorite songs off the album was a little ditty called I Am (I'm Me), the most self-empowering song a teenager could ever rock out to.

I Am (I'm Me) (Top of the Top UK)

Besides the music, another appealing aspect of TS was the no bullshit personality of Dee Snider, the band's frontman. I remember listening to their live '82 show at the Marquee Club in London, and Dee spouting "if anyone laughs at you, you kick them in the fucking face." Sound advice.

The Kids Are Back plus Dee interview (Live Wire US)

Twisted Sister will never be considered one of the great metal bands of all time, although as musicians they were certainly better than they let themselves be. Nevertheless, their music really struck a chord with me (no pun intended) as a youth, and I will always cherish their body of work (at least the early stuff).

You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll promotional video

Twisted Sister's 2005 performance in Philadelphia remains one of my favorite concerts of all time. Easily in the top five, maybe in the top three. Sister had a reputation as a great live band, regardless of their recorded output, and that reputation was very well deserved.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey fellows, it's Fallows

This would be considered a "meta-post" if there was any discernable line between what passes as "content" and my aimless personal ramblings. I'm adding a few new sites to my link bar, so should you be looking to kill time until work is finished, I have some recommendations.

I've been reading James Fallows over at The Atlantic in an attempt to read some Conservative writers to get a feel from the right (and he isn't actually conservative, so I failed). I like him, partly because he seems well-reasoned and can write well, and also because he isn't blatantly racist or insane.

Moving on to funny business, Tom the Dancing Bug, Big Fat Whale and Idiot Box all make me laugh, chuckle, or whatever else Family Cirus and B.C. have failed to do.

As an aside, if you haven't seen Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, do so right here and right now:

He joins Christopher Buckley and Christopher Hitchens as some of the more interesting endorsements I've read/seen for Obama, but I don't think you get better than Powell. I love the part about the Arabs. That's refreshing to hear from a Republican.

UPDATE: I can't tell you how hard it was to not write "Penis" after "Big Fat Whale."