Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why is that?

Obama's love of Abraham Lincoln has become an unsettling obsession. Now he's mimicking the man:
Tracking Abraham Lincoln's historic path to Washington, President-elect Barack Obama launched a four-day inaugural celebration Saturday before thousands of chilled but cheering onlookers from Philadelphia to the nation's capital. He promised to bring the country "a new Declaration of Independence" — free from small thinking, prejudice and bigotry.

Obama invoked a grand heritage of American giants as he appealed "not to our easy instincts but to our better angels," an echo of Lincoln's first inaugural address. He took note of the enormous challenges that lie ahead and promised to act with "fierce urgency," a phrase often used by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
He's taking the love a bit too far. Why is that?

Americans say Bay-sil and To-may-to, whereas the Brits pronounce Bah-sil and To-mah-to. Americans speak with a strong A on those words, British with a soft A, so why do Americans utter "pasta" with a soft A and the British speak it like they're hacking up a hairball? Why is that?

This story doesn't seem unusual to me:
Louise Davidson, 77, was arrested Thursday for leaving the scene of an injury crash, Boynton Beach police said.

Police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said the woman was turning right when she veered into the path of the oncoming scooter that had the right of way. The man was thrown by the impact onto the windshield and then fell to the road, she added.

Police said they later spotted the woman's car after she had her hair appointment.
To me, this seems like another day in Florida. Why is that?

Some people continue to smear feces on things as a form of protest. Why is that?


Gorilla Bananas said...

Do you remember the Shah of Iran? I think some Americans called him 'the Shaw' of Iran.

Anonymous said...
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ChrisV82 said...

GB, that's exactly my point. You'd expect Americans to say the word weirdly.

Cheeks, are you a conservative disappointed by the outcome of the election, or a liberal who isn't quite sold on Obama the agent of change?