Thursday, March 19, 2009

A career forgotten, a life passes

I finished watching "Marty," which starred Ernest Borgnine in the title role. There was a lot of potential in the film, but I never thought it really came together. Borgnine plays a fat, inept man that can't find love, Betsy Blair plays a shy, awkward schoolteacher. Borgnine's brother is married and living with his mother, which causes strife between the two women in his life. Borgnine's mother is domineering and pestering, but is afraid of being tossed away and forgotten. Again, a lot of interesting set-ups, but I didn't care much for the end result.

Speaking of end results, Betsy Blair died March 13th. I guess she got tired of waiting for me to watch her films. I guess it's for the better, because if she asked me what I thought, I may have tripped up and said I thought her character was a stereotype that only existed in literature. Scanning her filmography, she didn't have much of a career. Well, I guess it's like that poster I used to read all the time in elementary school - if you had fun, you won. If she didn't, well, she wasted her chance, 'cause now she's dead.


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ChrisV82 said...

It's not too late to legally change your child's name.