Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things that piss me right the fuck off

Rubbernecking. Yes, there's an accident. It may even be cool looking. It may even be gory. MOVE ON. There's no need to stop and look, because it's none of your damn business you ghouls. If it wasn't illegal, I'd pass all of these assholes on the shoulder, one hand on the horn and the other hand giving them the finger.

Verizon. Every week I get a letter begging me to subscribe to their cable service. Every week, I get a booklet of the channels they offer, which are worse than the ones I get through DirecTV. Every week, my recycling bin fills with piles of paper plastered with Verizon logos.

Congress. Thanks for the righteous indignation over AIG, but where were you when you handed them eleven zillion dollars with no strings attached? The legislative body is nothing more than a cadre of hypocritical assholes.

People with a lot of money who complain about taxes. I've gotta cut a check to the IRS. I guarantee you this is more of a hardship for me than some jackass who pulls down $400,000 per year and is crying that his tax rate may go up 3%. Let's trade places, jerkoffs.

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