Thursday, May 7, 2009

Anniversary of life

Tomorrow is my birthday, although since life begins at conception, maybe my birthday was 9 months ago. Who knows? For this next cycle of life, I'd like to take advantage of the real estate market and poor economy to invest in something. I've always wanted to start a restaurant. I was thinking of a bacon buffet, with an area for big band performances and dancing. Maybe I'll serve locally produced wine.


Anonymous said...
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Scarlet-Blue said...

Same here - I've always thought my real birthday should be my conception date. I haven't ever had the nerve to ask my Mum when it was though!

Jai said...

I bet you could get pretty close with a ballpark estimate.

Although I sort of think my birthday was the day I was born. I've never before heard of "birth" being used in any other way ("Bertha" doesn't count at all).

Now, LIFE days, as is the Wookie fashion, should clearly be celebrated on whichever day had the worst weather or fewest children around roughly nine months before your birthday of origin. Happy birthday, Chris.