Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three great things about Russia

It is supposed to be a glamour product for the aspiring Russian female: The much acclaimed women’s vodka Damskaja is available in lime, vanilla and almond flavor. But Russian doctors are feeling the after affects already: they fear a new wave of alcoholism is sweeping across the female population.

Igor Wolodin does not think vodka is any more harmful than chocolate. He is proud of his new version of Russia’s national drink aimed at the female market. He promotes his women's vodka as the perfect drink to go with salads or to drink after a strenuous aerobics course. The vodka, Damskaja, is hailed as a glamour product for the female Russian socialite.

The Jewish Autonomous Oblast:
I'm sincerely glad to welcome you at the Official site of the Jewish Autonomous Region! I hope that the available source of information will be helpful for each Internet user. It will attract attention of curious and business men, develop relations, contacts and cooperation with all of civil institutions in our subject of the Federation, and strengthen interaction in various fields of everyday life.

I wish you success and mutual understanding!

Nikolay Mikhailovich Volkov, Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region, Chairman of the JAR Government

The Red Army:

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