Monday, July 20, 2009

Movies are awful

Before I was able to watch Moon, which is not a perfect film but definitely enjoyable and creative, I had to endure a ton of trailers for quirky indie romantic comedies. Hey, did you know Michael Cera plays an awkward guy in Paper Moon? There's a stretch!

Those films were nothing compared to the following two movies. Paper Moon and its ilk are movies I could at least sit and endure. The trailers for The Ugly Truth and I Love You Beth Cooper look so atrociously awful that I feel bad for the people involved. It makes me uncomfortable, like watching someone poop themselves in a restaurant. There's a mixture of pity and regret, but definitely not laughter.

To wash that out of your mouth, here's the trailer for moon. Listen to that gorgeous soundtrack and soak up those brilliant special effects. CGI should enhance special effects, not smack viewers in the face. Moon takes us back to the glory days of the 80s and early 90s of man made special effects. The story is also very good. Again, not perfect, but good. You also get a terrific acting performance by Sam Rockwell.


Anonymous said...
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ChrisV82 said...

The moon is an illusion.