Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at Ground Zero

As the rain washes away another Christmas, I wanted to take some time to reflect. Growing up, Christmas was my most treasured holiday. What a joyous time of year! Family, friends, presents, cheer, food, fun, laughter and merriment. Of course, for some, it's a painful if not crippling reminder of what they don't have. Maybe Christmas was a little thinner for some children this year. Daddy lost his job, mommy is racking up the doctor's bills. I guess Santa couldn't find all of those great Mattel toys this winter.

At least we have family and togetherness...or do we? Feuds, divorces, distances, overtime, and so much more keep us all apart. Then there's old faithful, Death. Death is the great divider. I remember many a Christmas with my grandparents, but they've long been dead. I am friends and acquaintances with a number of people older than me. They'll be dead someday. Fuck, I'll probably be dead someday soon. We'll all be dead. On his birthday (observed), we celebrate the birth of the savior that died so he can save us. Christmas is truly magical, isn't it?

On a closing note, I direct this wish to you, the person staring at your monitor: I hope someone gave you a gift you can really cherish and treasure, even...or especially didn't come with a receipt. If Christmas means anything to me anymore, it is the sincerity of love that can still be found if you dig beneath the surface.