Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Dish

There's a big game this Sunday, in case you hadn't heard. It's going to be huge. The Bruins are in Montreal for a match-up against the Canadiens with implications for the playoff race.

There's also a football game. Colts versus Saints. Two powerhouse offenses led by two elite quarterbacks, Peyton Manning for Indianapolis and Dree Brees for New Orleans. Hanging in the balance is so fancy jewelery and something about Hurricane Katrina. People watch the Super Bowl for three reasons:

1) They like to eat and drink and possibly hang out with other people doing the same
2) No, DON'T speed through the commercials, this is a larger topic of conversation the next day
3) Betting cold, hard cash

As of Friday, the Colts are favored at -5, and the over/under is set at 57. My advice to all gambling degenerates is to take the Saints at +5 and to take the over. It seems fair to say the Colts will win 35-31, which would make YOU the winner (unless you like the Saints personally). That's a solid investment for your child's college tuition.

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