Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God bless this mess

Times are tough, my friends. The economy is stagnant, the unemployment rate rises, people have to sacrifice. What can be done? In New Jersey, where I live, we might be able to share the burden proportionately so that we can all soldier through this.
The Legislature will soon act on the emaciated $28.3 billion FY2011 budget proposal submitted in March by Gov. Christie, who told lawmakers in his budget address that the state's dire economic situation necessitated deep cuts to every corner of state government and demanded shared sacrifice by all New Jerseyans.
Seems reasonable. Everyone has to take a hit.
There are "winners" in this budget: corporations and the wealthiest individuals whose tax obligations will be lower this year. Those who stand to lose the most are disproportionately poorer, older and at greater risk of economic catastrophe than the rest of New Jersey. The sacrifice that the governor demanded in his budget address appears to fall almost entirely on middle and working class families, the disabled and seniors.
Ah, fuck it. I hate this country's bullshit Christian charity.

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