Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Sunday reading and light musical fare

-> Top Ten Myths About the Israeli Palestinian Conflict
-> Attack on climate scientist just latest in a long line
-> Sustainability vs. The Invisible Hand
-> Tabata: Wife claimed baby was his own

Oh, that last one is just for giggles.
According to [Pittsburg] Pirates general manager Neal Huntington, [21 year old Jose] Tabata's [43 year old] wife showed off pictures of an infant and told the [baseball] player that the baby was his, only to have Tabata learn hours after seeing the baby that the girl had been taken from her parents in Plant City, about 60 miles from Bradenton, where the Pirates train.
That's right. A 21 year old baseball player was unaware that his 43 year old wife was not pregnant, and when she presented him with a two month old infant, he did not see anything suspicious. Now that is a boy who keeps his head firmly in the clouds.

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