Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I share some crap with you

If you have the time, I suggest you watch it. Is has been my favorite documentary of the year, although I admit to not seeing many feature length documentaries. Of course, in the good old days, a documentary could be 45 minutes long. Why the hell do they need to be two hours? If I wanted to learn, I'd go to school! Well, actually, that's not a good place to learn, either.

Don't get me wrong, length isn't indicative of quality...a 2 1/2 hour documentary can certainly be engaging. In the same respect, just because this one falls short of an hour doesn't mean it isn't quality enjoyment.

And just like taking a dump outside, it doesn't miss its mark.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Fascinating stuff, although it's not accurate to call methane gas a giant fart. Pure methane has no smell.