Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wikipedia Chain: Jesus Edition

Today, I learned more meaningful information about the Christian religion than I did during all those years in CCD, as an altar boy (never got fucked by a priest, which made me self-conscious about my looks), or daydreaming about Spider-Man swinging from the rafters every Sunday during mass.

While reading about Pontius Pilate, I learned he was married to a woman named Claudia. From there, I learned there is an apocryphal book called the Acts of Pilate, which is a religious text not officially endorsed by the church (but probably God's favorite, so we're all going to hell).

In that article, I read about "Leucius and Charinus, the two souls raised from the dead after the Crucifixion," although the article about L&C takes me here:
The fullest account of Leucius is that given by Photius (Codex 114), who describes a book, called The Circuits of the Apostles, which contained the Acts of Peter, John, Andrew, Thomas, and Paul, that was purported to have been written by "Leucius Charinus" which he judged full of folly, self-contradiction, falsehood, and impiety
I find it hard to believe a religious text was full of folly, self-contradiction, falsehood or impiety, but there you have it. Even in this day and age, one can still be shocked.

I was curious what these "Acts" were, though, so I decided to read about The Acts of John, which had
"docetic imagery and overt gnostic teachings." Gnosticism is a fascinating subject that I am still trying to digest (for example, what is up with the Aeons?). I further learned that some Orthodox faiths believe Jesus was ethereally shagging Sophia, the Greek goddess of Wisdom. Others refer to Jesus as wisdom incarnate. That is just some heavy shit right there.