Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowball fight

Reports have come in that two police officers in Berlin, Germany, were assaulted by twenty-five youths after the cops refused to leave the area per the demands of the children. The wintry battery grew to 40 young people, who pelted the officers...with snowballs.

Fortunately, German police have long been trained in using actual weapons, the boys were scattered thanks to pepper spray. Gee, I wish I could have seen that. Where is a good camera phone when you need one?

Some of the youths were arrested, but it's not clear what charges they will face. Obviously, they won't be executed. On the other side of the Atlantic, even America's death row inmates will not be killed. Prisons simply do not have the money to execute death row inmates, as it is typically more expensive to axe inmates than keep them alive. That's one of the arguments I used to offer when arguing against capital punishment, but fortunately the free market has taken care of things!

Norwegians don't have it so lucky, as they continue to kill 500 reindeer per year with their automobiles. The beasts have been outfitted with reflective collars, allowing them to be more visible. It makes me think everyone in Norway should wear the collars, thus avoiding pedestrian accidents as well.