Saturday, April 16, 2011

A royal bore

Britain's upcoming wedding between Prince Whatever and his fiance has dominated the American news, and of course this brings up comparisons to Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Chuck. That means we get to hear about two weddings when I really only wanted to deal with none.

Although the United States seemingly cut the cord to Great Britain way back in the 18th century (although a quarter of Americans don't know that), we seem to have a striking obsession with England's royals. It has to do with our celebrity obsessed culture in general, something we share with the Brits.

I don't care much about celebrities. It doesn't matter to me who they date, what they eat, where they drink, how much drugs they consume, where they buried the body of the transvestite hooker. I don't need to know anything about Matt Damon's personal life or Derek Jeter's dating habits to be able to enjoy their movies or their athletic performances.

With the royal family, though, it's much worse. Royalty are the world's first reality stars, famous simply by virtue of being famous. Yes, they had a purpose back in the day, ruling over lands and armies by dictate of God (read: by virtue of birth or conquest). Today, though, they're useless. Does the United Kingdom need a royal family? No. It's archaic. Many English would argue otherwise, such as this bloke in comments:
It baffles me that people are seriously considering getting rid of the Monarchy.

This is why Britain has gone more and more down hill in the last few decades - because people never do things "for Queen and Country", it's all me me me; "Where is MY taxes going?"
* * *
It also astounds me how people can so carelessly consider abolishing the Royals when we as a nation are growing increasingly frustrated at the way so many traditionally British things are now gone after things, such as the rise in immigration, have pushed them aside or had them banned.
It's sort of funny to me that Britain stuck its finger in so many foreign lands, and then there are folks who complain when the foreigners poke back.

The British allot 7.9 million pounds towards the monarchy, but true overall costs are estimated to be significantly higher. Maybe the English should take that money and get better production values for the next "Doctor Who" series.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Yeah, but the royal family are a huge tourist attraction. Loads of tourists visit Buckingham Palace, including many Americans. You saw for yourself how many saps visited London for the Royal Wedding. I shouldn't call them saps - they probably think people who watch sport are saps.