Monday, September 26, 2011

Life on Roars

Dinosaurs, like cowboys and astronauts, are the fascination of many a little boy, and more than likely some girls, as well. It's an acute interest that may diminish but never disappears, and so we have dinos in movies and television shows, from Gertie the Dinosaur in 1908 to The Lost World in 1960 to Jurassic Park in 1993, a plethora of paleontological prowess.

Tonight was the premiere of Terra Nova, a show about people who travel back in time and encounter dinosaurs. Think Land of the Lost but poorly written and not that interesting. I bring this up not to discuss the episode any further, but to point out that Jason O'Mara stars in the program. He was Sam Tyler in the US remake of Life on Mars, a fair if not lesser series than its predecessor. *cough* spoilers *cough* The American Life on Mars ended when Sam woke up in a space ship in the future. He was put into a deep sleep and supposed to be given dreams of the decades of the naughts, but due to a glitch was sent thirty years further back to the 70s.

I really hope this program ends the same way. I want O'Mara to wake up on the same spaceship and people are telling him he had a bad dream. In fact, every television program he does for the next ten years, I want them all to end the same way. It would be an amazing thing to behold.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Doesn't passing off previous episodes as bad dreams just make viewers groan these days? I was amazed they got away with using that trick on Dallas.