Monday, November 14, 2011

Penn State Top Rate Child Rape

The coverage has not died down since the news of Jerry Sandusky's years of child rape broke through to the national media. For those of you who don't know, Sandusky was an assistant football coach at the Pennsylvania State University. He is accused of molesting children, going so far as to butt raping someone in a shower like some kind of warped prison fetishist. Rather than dealing with the problem, Penn State officials went into full Catholic Church mode and covered it up. Some officials have been indicted for lying to a grand jury, while university president Graham Spanier and football legend Joe Paterno (head coach since 1966) have both been fired.

Much press has been given to the legacy of the school and of Paterno, the sickness of Sandusky (allegedly!), the players, the community, people with degrees from the college and students working towards degrees. Probably the least amount of time has been paid to the children, which is fine. Do you know how many times I was raped in the ass as a child? Zero, because I knew better. I'm not saying that these kids deserved to be sexually assaulted, but they probably enticed Sandusky (allegedly!) into the rape. As a 2005 poll showed, 1/3 of British citizens think rape is 100% the woman's fault. Children are just smaller, dumber women.

The focus should rightly be on me and my kind. I went to the Pennsylvania State University and graduated many moons ago. Where is my sympathy? There are concerns that my degree may not be worth as much. The Penn State pride has been tarnished. There has been a lot of hate directed towards Penn State alum. This is not right. I demand an apology, not just for the real and imagined damage to my degree, but also to the fact that I even have to listen to people talk about the Penn State community. America's love affair with college football, sex scandals and child molestation has created the perfect storm of a news story. Like a child's post traumatic stress, it will not go away, it will not diminish, IT WILL NOT DIE.

Should the University reimburse me for the damages I have suffered? I think so. My television, radio and newspaper time has suffered due to excessive Penn State coverage. My educational reputation has taken a devastating hit, as now everyone will think I majored in Non-consensual Ass Fucking with a minor in Scandal Cover-Up. Worst of all, the hurt of these raped children (allegedly!) has rocked me to my core, and I am suffering a crisis of faith and love; I may never be able to trust again. Would $300,000 be enough to get me through my grief? It's not really about money, although that is a start.


Gorilla Bananas said...

In strictly legal terms, wouldn't you have a good case? The fact is they've damaged your reputation by raping kids in the same place you got your degree.

ChrisV82 said...

I think a class action lawsuit would have enough ground to get past summary judgment. After all, it was Penn State officials' direct action that arguably harmed the value of a Penn State degree.

Whether it would be successful, I can't say.