Friday, March 2, 2012

Vivid mind script

I had such an intense dream that it woke me out of my sleep. Being unable to recall the complete details of the dream, I can say that the story involved a feisty, sarcastic brunette who was touring an urban high school. Mr. T, for whatever reason, had made a guest appearance, possibly because Mr. T loved children (not in the creepy way).

Cut to the woman in a run down public restroom. She just had sex with another woman, or so we are led to believe (and I will choose to believe that), so she is smoking a cigarette nervously while fumbling with a bill. It appeared to be a morning after bill, and while I am no expert on biology, I am almost certain lesbians cannot make each other pregnant with just their vaginas. Nevertheless, the audience (me) can tell she seesaws on this issue before ultimately deciding not to take the pill. As this has so far been a comedy (really, it was), she goes to through the pill down the sink but then fumbles to catch it because all the problems associated with flushing medication into the sewer system.

The scene cuts to a sunny day. We are outside (clearly), and a metal door creaks open. The woman stumbles out and there is a huge pile of bagged garbage next to the door. She grabs one, stuffs the pill inside, and sets it down. Meanwhile, teenage boys from the school see her. They are behind a fence, approximately eight feet in height, and covered with barbed wire. The boys go into a frenzy, slamming into the fence and snarling. The gate is chained and will not budge. One black boy keeps trying to vault over the fence, but his legs continue to get torn on the barb wire, and he howls in pain. I think it even tore up his track suit, poor lad.

Eventually, a white boy headbutts the fence (in traditional English football fashion) and the gate breaks. A swarm of crazed boys rush both our woman and three other girls who are sunbathing outside the school. They begin to tear at the women's clothing, and one woman is stripped down and raped. While the women scream in terror, none other than Mr. T himself shows up.

Mr. T starts singing. And punching the boys. In the face.

The song is cheerful. I'm not sure I ever caught the words, but I wouldn't be surprised if they went something like, "I love sunshine and gumdrops, I'll kill you if you don't stop."

The action is then interlaced with clips of the other actors from The A-Team, giving the thumbs up and smiling. Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict are both older than they were in the TV show, but stock footage is used for George Peppard as he has since passed away. It is then clear to me that this is a pilot to help relaunch The A-Team.

And then I woke up.

And now you just read about my dream.

Of course, Mr. T has moved on to other things.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

It sounds like a good pilot for an adult version of the A-team. Especially if Mr T punches a boy when he's in the act of raping.