Thursday, July 18, 2013

Siamese Cyclops Basketball Players

One of my favorite albums of 2013 is Tegan & Sara's "Heartthrob," featuring the single "Closer." While my usual tastes run in the heavy and metal arena, I love a good song, and this album is chock full of catchy anthems. It's a bit different in terms of style from their previous albums, but that works for me, as the indie flavor doesn't really satisfy my pallet the way it does other people. Big synth sounds and loud guitars are a delicious treat; I eat it up. Aside from the music, there is something very fascinating about Tegan and Sara. They are identical twin sisters who are openly gay and make music, specifically, music in the same band. Back in April, I read an interview with Ted Gowans, T&S touring guitarist since 2004. In response to a question about being in a "lesbian band," he responded, "I fail to see how being a lesbian and being in a band belong in the same sentence. When you’re sick do you go to the doctor or do you go the lesbian doctor? [...] I feel It’s offensive and unnecessary to include ones sexuality when talking about their profession." I absolutely agree, but I still find it so very interesting. What are the odds of identical twin sisters both being gay and both being musically talented enough to release records and tour globally? How often do you see that? Lazy music journalists have, from the first time a short man grabbed a microphone stand, described musicians under 5'6" as "diminutive." From Prince to Ronnie James Dio, you see it in articles, interviews, etc. So to describe Tegan and Sara as lesbian or sisters is lazy as well. It doesn't really tell you anything about their sound. But man, I tell you, I feel like the odds of lesbian twins forming a band and writing a top 40 is less likely to happen than me winning the lottery. I did win the lottery this month...$2. Which is what I paid for the ticket. For less than $2, you can buy the single for Closer. Then we can be closer, in musical spirit.

Monday, July 15, 2013

From a half remembered voice

There's a number of reasons why it's been over 11 months since my last post here...I've been busy with work/family/friends, Facebook has been more of an outlet for my comments, and most importantly, no one really cares if I update this blog. Regarding the future of this blog, I have a plan for refocusing my attention to all of my creative outlets. In the age of advanced privacy concerns, I don't like to provide too much information about myself online, but I also hunger for attention and crave the love of anyone willing to give it to me. Anyway, you can always check out my collaborative project at Byting Reviews, which updates periodically. I have some other projects in the works I will share when I get around to updating those. Speaking of Byting, my associate at that site, Sven, is a non-celebrity, non-paid filmmaker, and his latest short is available on YouTube, and by consequence, here.