Friday, March 24, 2017

Renegade: "Final Judgement"

We know we're getting a good episode when they use the vernacular spelling of judgment in a show about a Judge. Judge Lisa Stone (played by Sheree J. Wilson, veteran of such other TV schlock as Dallas and Walker: Texas Ranger) is a sexy, confident Judge who is being hunted by a dude named Otto (played by Brian Thompson, best known as Cronus in Charmed). Otto was cell mates with Hog, the slovenly biker dude who tried to kill Reno but put his lady love in a coma instead despite being close enough to spit on Reno.

The summary of the episode is fairly easy: Reno wants to interrogate Otto, Otto wants to kill the Judge, Reno saves the Judge's life, the Judge finds Reno working on his bike the next day and invites him to lunch, which is apparently a picnic. I stop to make note that Reno was working without his shirt, which was unnecessary until you remember Lorenzo Lamas had some really great abs. The episode was directed by our friend Ralph Hemecker, who was in charge of the pilot. This may explain why we get a lot of archival footage, ahem, memories from episode 1, even though we're only in episode 3. It just reinforces that all we really know about Reno's fiance is she had big tits and didn't mind making out in ocean water. I like breasts as much as the next heterosexual man, but it doesn't really help the backstory. Maybe she was a poet or volunteered at an animal shelter. Give her some personality. If she's just a walking pair of boobs, Reno can move on.

Which, jumping ahead, I note that Reno did make out with the Judge after saving her life a second time, but only after being arrested by the local police and being rescued by Bobby Sixkiller and his step-sister, Cheyenne. The plan is pretty ingenious, which simply involves driving a car into the jail cell Reno is being held in. Otto avoids the chance to escape so he can be brought in front of Judge Stone for arraignment, which is odd because she is a witness/victim to his attempted murder.

Otto kidnaps the Judge after murdering one of the sheriff's officers, but, as noted, Reno stops him in what is actually a pretty great action sequence with many punches, kicks, and grunts. Reno ultimately stops Otto with a bullet to the...somewhere. It's hard to tell, because people get shot all of the time in this show, but no one ever shows blood from bullet wounds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Three episodes in, the thought of making my way through all 22 episodes of season 1 appears daunting, let alone trying to do all 110 of the entire series. However, with the promise of Reno taking his shirt off at least once per episode, I may be able to persevere.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I recognised the name Sheree J Wilson instantly. She played April Stevens in Dallas. Wikipedia says she's also a producer, so she must be acting for pleasure rather needing the money. How much do you think she's worth? Do you think she can act well enough to be in a film?

ChrisV82 said...

@Gorilla Bananas - She was good for TV, but not sure if she could carry a movie. I guess Hollywood - or maybe Sheree herself - agreed.